Hobbit-The-Battle-Of-The-Five-Armies1-e1406558769186We’ve come to the end of road for new releases of Middle-earth based movies, and I find myself happy to see the movie while also being sad that it’s the end. We of course do have the Extended Edition that will come out next year so we have that to look forward to. I’ve had a chance to see this twice already and I’ve walked away loving it each time. I’m going to copy the format my fellow staffer Garfeimao used to give my thoughts on various moments.
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IMG_8431Depending on where you stand on these Hobbit films the character Azog the Defiler can be a point of excitement or irritation. For me I have to say I do like the character as a whole, so that’s why when Gentle Giant put the Azog Mini-Bust up for order I had to get it.  As you’ll hear me say in the review I truly believe this bust to be one of their best items ever. As far as collectibles go this one is quite affordable coming in at $85 and he has an edition size of just 780 pieces, which is quite small in high-end collectibles.
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hobbitazogblrg2Today is the day and he’s up for Pre-Order! Azog the Defiler on Warg is ready to be purchased by 500 fans of Middle-earth, who are looking to add this fantastic collectible to their collections. This massive piece comes in at 17 inches tall, 2 feet long, and 35lbs (with steel structure inside to help the piece stay sturdy). So prepare your collection to get something that is going to be an eye-popping piece when anyone checks out your trophies! To give you an idea of scale – if you own the amazing Barad-dur environment, Azog is both bigger and taller than this collectible, and that’s saying something! Azog comes in at a price tag of $699 and an edition size of ONLY 500 pieces world-wide, guaranteeing he won’t last long. You do have time to save for Azog as he won’t be shipping until the first quarter of next year. So get your order in now, start saving, and be prepared to be amazed.