Our story so far: Peter Jackson made three Middle-earth movies and people loved them. Now he is making two more and people already love them too. MrCere, Senior Staff, Writer and Photographer at TheOneRing.net (Forged by and for fans since 1999) went to NZ to see what he could see. Landed in Queenstown, found lots of LOTR stuff, drove north to see the people of the ring, visited Hobbiton set and now is in Wellington, center of NZ’s cinematic empire.

It is pretty important while in Wellington for me to participate in what any visitor might and especially activities with a Lord of the Rings slant. The city is one of my favorites around the world, situated as it is on a bay of great natural beauty. I like the size because it feels pretty easy to get to know, but it has the advantages of a big city’s variety with excellent food and lots of travelers and plenty of full-time residents and all kinds of attractions.

This trip I enjoyed walking around the city and thumbing through vinyl records (ask your parents if those foreign objects are unfamiliar to you) checking out a variety of automobile dealerships including an upholstery shop with some interesting old cars, a comic book shop and a burrito joint with great architecture and melted candles. The nightlife here is crazy, including the Saturday morning I woke up early and discovered the Friday night revelry with its thumbing bass and cocktails hadn’t ended as I sought out breakfast.

It also, with its proximity to Peter Jackson’s filmmaking empire, was an important area in the making of The Lord of the Rings, but not just because of the production and effects studios across the harbor. I ended up heading out with
Wellington Rover
on its half-day tour to make a visit to filming locations. Continue reading “‘Lord of the Rings’ tours sparkle in Wellington”

Dozens of small-statured folk are ready to dance their way onto the Shire next month, but even Matamata accommodation providers are in the dark as to exactly when the big influx of little extras will hit the region.

Publicist for 3 Foot 7 Ceris Price said 90 people were selected late last year from the 1200-odd who applied to be Matamata-based hobbit extras in The Hobbit, but because people turned up “from all over” for the auditions, she did not know how many were from Waikato. But like everyone else involved in the making of Peter Jackson’s latest film, if there was hobbits grooming their toe-hairs in the Waikato, they were doing it with their lips firmly sealed. Ian Brodie, media and communications manager for Hobbiton Movie Set and Farm Tours, said confidentiality contracts meant anyone involved in The Hobbit in any capacity was bound to silence. More..

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This Sunday, at 2pm PST, the new Orthanc Environment from the artists at Weta Workshop will go up for Pre-Order. As, I told you the other day, Weta wants your help to name this piece. Starting today and running through August 5th at 5pm PST, we will be helping them collect name suggestions through the link below. The winners will be chosen by none other than Orthanc model makers David Tremont and Daniel Falconer! The winner of the contest not only gets their name chosen for Orthanc but they will also receive a collectors edition of Bag End, and two runners up will receive a very cool Sauron T-Shirt. Good Luck!!! [Orthanc Naming Competition]

For the folks at Weta to be successful they need super talented people to help bring the world of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit to life. These folks are responsible for making the award-winning armor, weapons, costumes, and, of course, digital effects that have gained them so much acclaim. I thought for you all it would be great if we could sit down with one of these amazing individuals to find out what it’s like to help bring these worlds to life.

Well, Daniel Falconer one of the key artists at Weta has been kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions for everyone. As many of you may know Daniel been apart of amazing pieces like Bag End, Rivendell, Treebeard’s bust, and books like The Art of District 9. Having had a chance to own or see many of these pieces I was quite eager to sit down with Daniel and get his thoughts on being apart of helping Weta create  these amazing things. After, reading this Q&A I would suggest to all the readers to get one of these great collectibles Daniel and Weta have created. Continue reading “Collecting the Precious: Interview with Weta’s own Daniel Falconer”

All right ringers, I told you a couple weeks ago, when profiling Weta Workshop, that the most impressive environment was going to be justaround the corner. Well, we’ve rounded the corner, and Rivendell is ready to be pre-ordered. If there was ever a must have environment this would be it!

Rivendell, the home of Elrond Half-Elven was found in 1697 of the second age where all the light of Middle Earth could go to have counsel during the darkness brought on by Sauron. Many of the most important characters of both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings would take refuge here to rest their weary minds and bodies.  Then in 2001 Sir Peter Jackson and the amazing crew at Weta brought this critical place in Middle Earth to life. Follow the break for more images and details! Continue reading “Weta’s Rivendell Environment Pre-Order Open Now! 300 Piece Limited Run”