Recent SPY REPORTS for Season 2 of Prime Video’s The Rings of Power series sourced from anonymous but now-deleted posts on internet messageboard 4Chan are currently prompting a wave of discussion about their veracity and implications across Discord and Reddit .

WARNING: potential SPOILERS for Season 2 abound below.





Last chance to not be spoiled by significant story leaks for The Rings of Power.

Without further ado, here’s the potentially explosive leak about the story direction for Season 2 of The Rings of Power. While has no way of confirming this, the sources are allegedly people close to the series Producers.

We’ve broken these rumours down for you into bite-size form, but you can also read the original presentation from Anonymous — just click the image underneath.

  1. Amazon has newly expanded rights to plot points from The Silmarillion.
  2. S2E1 opening scene is Eru using the secret flame to create Melkor.
  3. Melkor (then) watches as Eru creates all the Valar and the Maiar.
  4. Eru is a disembodied voice vaguely human shaped but no characteristics can be made out.
  5. The secret flame is golden, as are all the Valar and the Maiar.
  6. The Valar are larger than the Maiar, but are bathed in a golden light and completely naked (the scenes were filmed with nude figures in strategic lighting.)
  7. Sauron will be played primarily by three actors in Season 2.
  8. Sauron — in Mairon form, and called such — is NOT Halbrand (Charlie Vickers) or Annatar (Gavi Singh Chera).
  9. After the fourth interruption of the Song, several Maia meet and discuss Melkor’s discordance.
  10. Mithrandir (Gandalf) is in this scene.
  11. Mithrandir (Gandalf) is “almost” convinced to support Mairon’s (Sauron) agenda.
  12. Mairon gives an epic speech, “The One has blessed me more so than all of you to see the potential of His creations, and what better way to forge their mettle than by allowing them to face Melkor’s discord and grow beyond what they think capable!”
  13. Sauron tells the dwarves he apprenticed under Aulë, so they welcome him with open arms.
  14. Sauron had a son who Adar killed.
  15. Horse lovers rejoice! A dedicated “bottle” episode with little dialog will tell the story of the first Mearas (Editor: these are the great horses of the Rohirrim), Felaróf, and introduce Shadowfax.
  16. Gandalf (Meteor Man) meets Shadowfax.
  17. Tom Bombadil and Goldberry are in an episode.
  18. They are played by the same actor and actress as Melkor/Morgoth and Ungoliant from Episode 1.
  19. The pair, as Bombadil and Goldberry, are serving out a punishment from Mandos per “a long-held fan theory” (Editor: this “long-held fan theory” is news to us.).
  20. The season will end with Sauron forging the One Ring.
Explosive Rings of Power rumours via 4Chan message boards.
Explosive Rings of Power rumours post on the 4Chan message boards. Credit: Uncovered by TORn Discord member Dr.Yaro. has reached out to Amazon Studios for comment to test the strength of these 4Chan rumours. We’ll keep you updated on any response we receive.

In the meantime it’s worth noting the obvious — an anonymous board allows the propagation of falsehoods for “lulz” just as easily as it enables the dissemination of true secrets. Especially if one can cleverly mix known casting facts or previously asserted rumours (such as the appearance of Tom Bombadil, or multiple Saurons) from other sources with some outrageous claims.

Even more rumours

Additionally, has heard:

  1. Simon Tolkien is personally involved and overseeing this show’s expansion of the mythology.
  2. Season 2 is mainly Sauron’s story, told from his perspective, and opens with his retelling of history.
  3. Episode 1 is primarily Sauron’s story leading up to the breaking of the first silence.
  4. Sauron will try to deceive Galadriel again by taking the persona of Celeborn.
  5. Sauron sneaks back into Eregion as Celeborn.
  6. Season ending cliffhanger involves Galadriel making a choice to save Celeborn (Sauron?).
  7. Episode 6-7 is a huge 2-part Siege of Eregion.

Phew, thats a lot to take in! Due to the intense secrecy of Prime Video, no official confirmation or denial can be expected. Same as season 1 leaks of Rings of Power. We will have ongoing editorial opinions on what this all means, how it relates to existing written lore, and much more context in the coming days and weeks.

Can leaks from 4Chan be taken seriously? It really is hit-or-miss. Many big spoilers from Season 1 were leaked early there including Halbrand’s secret identity. However, there were also 4Chan leaks a decade ago that said Viggo Mortensen filmed a scene for The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies. These proved false.

If you want to anonymously confirm or deny any of this, or bring to light a new SPY REPORT, please drop a note to — we have been protecting sources since 1999!

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