Looks like we finally have a date for a full trailer — July 14!

This new teaser (unlisted on Youtube, but publicly acessible) from Prime Video Brasil states at the conclusion “Nuevo avance. El 14 de Julio”. Spanish-speaking members of our Discord inform us that avance can mean “trailer”.

The one-minute-long teaser also contains fascinating new footage to pore over and ponder. Two that stood out to me was a definite sighting of several ents in a forest — perhaps even an enting! — and Galadriel and other elves on a swan-prowed boat being circled by a flock of strange, white birds.

We’ll have more analysis later, In the meantime, watch and enjoy!

Thanks to our Discord member, MaxPower, for the heads-up on this one. Anyone can join the TORn Discord — and our ongoing discussions — here. There’s also a lively forum for Rings of Power analysis on our messageboards.