The upcoming new series is stirring up emotions across the Fandom. Some are positive and hopeful, while others are not. With so many quick judgements as to what Tolkien would have wanted abounding we think it is wise to take a moment to remember what Tolkien’s message actually was. It was never about hate or exclusion. It was about how even the smallest people could achieve great things and build a better world, even when up against incredible odds.

The novels themselves were written during a different era, but Tolkien’s spirit no doubt never intended for them to only live there. They are not historical. They are fantasy and lore. Created for us to see the best of ourselves in all times. As the different adaptions have come throughout the decades, they have all reflected the times in which they are created. This new series will be no different, and we are excited about that.

This is how a work lives and grows. The new series will bring in new people to the fandom and make it stronger, just like the Peter Jackson movies did. Not a few of us were brought into this fandom by those movies. They lead us to the wonderful books, and the great fellowship. The books are not changed by the new adaptations. They will always remain, but now new people will discover them.

With any fandom as strongly loved as ours, there will always be disagreement as to how things should have been done. There will be debate over storylines and new characters. Our hope is that through it all, we can all hold on to the Fellowship and belonging that Tolkien was trying to create. Good over Evil, united, Tolkien Forever.

Yours in fellowship, staff