As we all know, this year is the 20th anniversary of the release of Peter Jackson’s The Fellowship of the Ring, first in his Lord of the Rings film trilogy. To celebrate, New Zealand Post are bringing out some spectacular new stamps, with brand new artwork inspired by the movie – and we’re delighted to have an EXCLUSIVE first look for you here at Fans will NOT want to miss adding these gorgeous works of art to any collection!

Here’s what our friends at NZ Post have to say:

NZ Post is thrilled to be sharing our The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 20th Anniversary products with collectors and fans around the world in only a few weeks; and we’re excited to offer a preview of the artwork for our commemorative stamps and miniature sheets!

These products feature key moments from The Fellowship of the Ring, in the form of original paintings by award-winning Wellington artist Sacha Lees. Lees worked as a designer and sculptor on the films, and designed NZ Post’s The Fellowship of the Ring stamps in 2001.

The stamps, miniature sheets, first day covers and presentation pack for this exciting issue will be available from 1st September, with pre-orders scheduled to open on 9 August. Sign up here to be among the first to know when pre-orders open! Limited edition coins with mintages as low as 100 will be released in the coming months, so stay subscribed to get your chance to find out when they are available.

There are six stamps in this issue:

$1.50 stamp, showing an illustration of Gandalf in his cart, pulling up to the gate of Bag End - against a backdrop of a lush, green Hobbiton.

$1.50 The Journey Begins – In the region of The Shire, the village Hobbiton is home to hobbits Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. Scenes here were filmed near Matamata on the private Alexander Farm, whose rolling hills provided an idyllic backdrop. This miniature sheet features the iconic shot of Gandalf as he rides up to meet Bilbo at Bag End.

$1.50 stamp: Frodo, Pippin, Sam and Merry hide under the tree roots whilst a Black Rider seeks them overheard.

$1.50 Hiding from the Black Rider – Frodo and Sam have set out on what will become an arduous mission to destroy the One Ring. Taking cover in a hollow among the roots of a tree, the hobbits evade an envoy of Mordor. Surprisingly, this forested scene was filmed not in a remote location, but in Wellington city’s Town Belt.

$1.50 stamp, showing a lovely illustration of Merry, Frodo, Sam and Pippin raising a mug of ale in the Prancing Pony. In the corner, Strider lurks, smoking his pipe.

$1.50 The Prancing Pony – Frodo and his hobbit friends Sam, Pippin and Merry drink ale at the Prancing Pony in Bree, where they first meet Aragorn. The Bree scenes were filmed at former army camp Fort Dorset in Seatoun, Wellington. 

$2.80 stamp: an action packed artist's rendition of Arwen cradling Frodo in her arms, as they flee to the ford, with Black Riders in pursuit.

$2.80 Flight to the Ford – After Frodo is stabbed by a Black Rider, Arwen the elven princess gallops with him on her horse through a prairie and a wood to the safety of a river. The thrilling scene was filmed at the Shotover River, which flows through the rocky gorge Skippers Canyon, near Queenstown.

The $3.60 stamp shows Gandalf on the Bridge of Khazad-dum, facing the fearsome Balrog. Gandalf's staff is held aloft, shining with the flame of Anor.

$3.60 The Bridge of Khazad-dûm – Perhaps the movie’s most theatrical moment takes place in subterranean labyrinth the Mines of Moria, where Gandalf turns and cries “You shall not pass!” to the fire-breathing Balrog.

The final stamp, priced $4.10, shows the Argonath, standing tall and magnificent, as the Fellowship approach in three boats, along the river Anduin.

$4.10 The Gates of Argonath– Journeying along the River Anduin in three boats, the Fellowship passes two gigantic stone statues guarding the northern border of Gondor. This epic scene was filmed in the Kawarau Gorge and Kawarau river near Queenstown.