‘We come to it at last – the great battle of our time….’ From 64 costumes at the start, we are down to the last two; which of those will be the Grand Champion of March Madness 2021, the Battle of the Best Dressed in Middle-earth? Here are the results of the Final Four:

Round Six – Grand Final

Strider took on the Witchking. It is said that no man can kill him; but the clothing of a ranger could defeat the wraith’s robes. By a margin of only about 150 votes, it is Aragorn who strides into the final.

Pippin faced off against Legolas. Even as a soldier of Gondor, in velvet and chain mail, the Hobbit could not conquer the green leather, long cape, and black boots of the elf. Legolas took 60% of the vote, and goes on to face Strider in the final.

Aragorn’s ranging garb versus Legolas’ woodland attire; how will you vote? Two similar costumes; both multilayered, designed for an outdoor life of travelling and battling. Both include vambraces, boots, cloak, and weapons. Both, of course, are very popular with cosplayers. But which do YOU prefer?

You have from NOW until 5pm ET on Tuesday 13th April to make your voice heard! Rally the troops! Summon the masses! Make sure the costume you want goes on to be our Grand Champion for 2021! And don’t forget to share your Strider and Legolas cosplays – you can post to our facebook page, email to spymaster@theonering.net, or simply tag us on Twitter or Instagram, using #middleearthbestdressed. (By sharing your images, you give TheOneRing.net your permission to use them online.)

Our final LIVE results show will be part of TORn Tuesday on 13th April – tune in then for the Grand Champion Reveal! VOTE NOW!