Augustus Prew is a London-born actor who started his career as a child, getting his first big break in the acclaimed film About a Boy, followed by appearances in several TV shows. His next big film role was that of Robin De Noir in The Secret of Moonacre, where he plays a rather eccentrically dressed young man who looks surprisingly like a Lost Boy.

Headshot of actor Augustus Prew
Augustus Prew

Once Prew became an adult, more film and TV roles came his way, including: a turn as Prince Alfonso in The Borgias, as Byron Epstein in the Klondike mini-series (the cast of which included Marton Csokas, aka Celeborn in The Lord of Rings trilogy) , and as George Allingham in BBC television series The Village. He then got the starring role in Pure Genius, portraying Tech Genius James Bell opposite Dermot Mulroney; and then moved on to play David ‘Whip’ Martin in the 2017 continuation of Prison Break. Most recently, Prew can be found on the Netflix productions of the film Ibiza,  and the series Special, as well Apple’s The Morning Show and the Mike Doyle film Almost Love, aka Sell By.

Prew with Dermot Mulroney, in tv show Pure Genius.
Augustus Prew with Dermot Mulroney, in Pure Genius

While in Los Angeles the past few years, Prew performed the role of Oliver in The Pride at The Wallis in Beverly Hills. Prew came out as gay when he was in his mid twenties, around the same time he originally saw the play The Pride. This play is set in two different timelines: a very conservative 1958 London when homosexuality was a taboo topic, and then in a much more hopeful 2008.  The story spoke to him so clearly about how he was feeling at that time that he actually gave a copy of the script to his parents, so they would better understand what he was going through. During an interview on KPCC’s The Frame, Prew states:

“This play for me is very important in my life. When I came out, when I figured out I was gay, I was about 24. And this play presented itself to me sort of through magic. It just sort of came at this very consequential time in my life. And it was able to explain concepts that I hadn’t grasped in my own head yet.”

Prew with a cast mate on stage in The Pride
Prew on stage in The Pride

Augustus Prew plays well on both British and US television, and in films, in a wide range of roles. He has heartthrob looks and well-honed acting skills. He probably will not be cast as an elf simply because he’s listed at 5’8”, but he could easily play a Numenorean, a young noble or soldier. And based on his career path, it’s possible he will be either a recurring or featured player. 

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