5000 Meters through Moria Virtual 5k Certificate

If you survived the dark and dangerous halls of Moria, congratulations! Here is your Finisher Certificate. Print it out and share a photo of yourself on our World and Works of J.R.R. Tolkien Facebook page, and tell us what you encountered on your run. Perhaps you had to fend off orcs or cave trolls? Did a Balrog singe your sneakers?

There is still time to run the two previous Middle-earth Virtual 5k races. The Shire Sprint and Racing to Rivendell are still up and available for download. The certificates for those races are in the posts.

You have until May 29th to complete all four races to be eligible for the final additional certificate that shows you completed all four races. The next and final race will be posted this Friday, May 22. We hope you’ll join us. Congratulations again!