The Quarter Final of Middle-earth March Madness 2020 is now on; but it closes this evening! If you want your voice to be heard, don’t delay – vote now!

In the Elite Eight round, each of the four brackets has its final contest, before the victors go on to meet the winners of other categories. So there are four fights currently ongoing; two are very close, and two have fairly wide margins…

If you’re a lover of the Argonath, you should know that right now, the scene where the Fellowship sail past those mighty kings of old has only 30% against the Lighting of the Beacons scene. Likewise (and this one really surprises me!) the charge of the Rohirrim is currently trouncing Gandalf vs the Balrog, two thirds to one third. But a lot can change in a day! If you want to see the Argonath or Gandalf and the Balrog go through to the Semi Final, rally your troups and get them to VOTE!

Will it be Pippin or Gimli who comes out on top from the Laughter bracket? ‘Second Breakfast’ is in the lead just now, over ‘Would you like me to find you a box’ – but there are only 100 votes in it! The same margin stands between Boromir’s death and ‘You bow to no one’ – which of these two will turn the tide and sail on through to the Final Four?

Pippin with apple

A reminder of our Elite Eight pairings:

Tune in to our facebook page at 10pm ET TONIGHT to watch our live results show! But meanwhile, push for the result YOU want by sharing, tweeting, getting your friends involved, and voting!

Then come back here tomorrow morning to vote for the Final Four; and to find out about a very EXCITING GIVEAWAY we’ll be doing, for those who are joining in with March Madness this year! Love the Balrog? You’ll definitely want to stay tuned….