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Archive for August, 2019

DragonCon 2019 – TORn’s 21st DragonCon!

DragonCon has begun! And TORn are here. We have our usual table spot (Hyatt, opposite the entrance to the Art Show) and have new shirts and buttons for sale! Friday night we’ll be hosting the traditional Evening at Bree in the Hilton (8.30pm), with live music from Landloch’d, a costume contest, Elf choir, and dance party until late.

Saturday at 5.30pm we’ll be giving a panel in the High Fantasy track room (Marriott L401). We’ll be exploring just what we know, and what we might expect in the Amazon tv series…

Of course there are other Middle-earth related happenings, such as a discussion of Tolkien’s biography (and the recent Tolkien movie) in the High Fantasy track, Sunday 11.30am, and celebrity guest Karl Urban. And much wonderful cosplay to be seen!

This is TORn’s 21st DragonCon!! Come by and see staffers deej and greendragon, and help us celebrate! Buy a shirt or some buttons, or just come and have a chat. Always good to see our fellow fans!

Vote Sam – there’s some good in this world!

20 years of TORn!
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Collecting The Precious – Asmus Toys Mouth of Sauron 1:6 figure

One of the new figures Asmus Toys had at Comic-Con this year was the solo version of the Mouth of Sauron. This piece allows fans who just want the Mouth of Sauron minus his horse a chance to get him into their collections. As you can see, this one turned out pretty solid with some incredible details on the different versions of his mouth piece. While this one is labeled as a ‘slim’ version, with all the stuff you get and how nice it looks there is nothing slim about him! You can get him right now for $145 and he is due to ship first part of next year.

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Today in Middle-earth, August 22

Spiders Dwarves and a Hobbit The following event(s) took place in Middle-earth on August 22:

  • Bilbo fights off spiders (1341)
  • They come to Isengard; they take leave of the King of the West at Sunset (1419)


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FEATURE: Middle-earth on Glorious 70mm Celluloid Film

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Special to, guest contributor Vahn is a professional film editor and 70mm film, with his thoughts on the usage of celluloid cinematography and IMAX with “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” trilogies. We thank him for his insights.]


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The Great Hall of Poets

Welcome to The Great Hall of Poets, our regular monthly feature showcasing the talent of Middle-earth fans. Each month we will feature a small selection of the poems submitted, but we hope you will read all of the poems that we have received here in our Great Hall of Poets.

So come and join us by the hearth and enjoy!

If you have a Tolkien/Middle-earth inspired poem you’d like to share, then send it to  One poem per person may be submitted each month. Please make sure to proofread your work before sending it in. is not responsible for poems posting with spelling or grammatical errors.

The deep breath

by D. McGlinchey

The rolling shadows thrown down from venomous clouds spewed from
dark pits seals the arena.
The throbbing beat of a multitude of drums shakes you to the core whilst
the savage screams from out of the dark tear at your senses.
No way forward.
No way back.
This is where you make your stand.

Formidable are the walls upon which you stand and strong are the defences
behind which you prepare.
Fierce and fell in appearance, your brothers in arms line up by your side in
these dark hours of waiting.
No more doubts
No more fear
There will be no quarter asked, nor given.

Heavy now the shadows fall as against the defences they press like a
physical, unstoppable force.
But stop it does as it meets the immovable will of the mountainous fortress
and the iron will of its defenders.
No longer preparing.
No longer fearing.
The deep breath before the plunge.

~~ * ~~

Who would think to light a tree

by: Alec R.

Who would think to light a tree?
Valar, gold and silver see,
Lorien’s Mallorn; Poplar’s clap,
Bilbo’s too, and take that map,

Odd his humble Party Tree,
Would upward nod toward ancientry,
Heaven’s case, a flaming sword,
Placed in Eden, by the Lord,

At the tree of life to ban,
Free from clutch of every man,
The only one who touched that tree?
The Son of God: who hung for thee.

~~ * ~~

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