Our latest review covers another long awaited, and long asked for, piece from our friends at Weta Workshop. The Lurtz at Amon Hen captures this awesome bad guy about to take his last shot and put an end to the valiant Boromir’s last stand with Merry/Pippin. Unveiled at Comic-Con last year this piece is meant to be paired with the Boromir statue we recently reviewed. Both pieces are limited to 1000 pieces and have a price tag of $299. You can still snag this piece and get him into your collection before this becomes another hard to find statue.

Couple things I forgot to mention in the review. The arm holding the bow attaches into the shoulder, there are two fingers the string attaches to to hold it, the bag holding the arrows attaches at the hip, and the large piece of the outfit in the back attaches at the waist as well.