Minas Tirith Battle update main image with borderRinger JediPippin has sent us an update on his Minas Tirith Battle LEGO set idea, it’s an add-on to go with the original set.

Hello fellow Lord of the Rings fans! I recently made a very big update to my Minas Tirith Battle LEGO Ideas project, that I think is very important. I made an add-on set that when combined with the previous set, will create the full Minas Tirith castle! This add-on set includes the inner walls of the city, and the rock with the courtyard on top. The inner walls of the city include two halves which each have two floors. One of the halves includes a blacksmith shop that even has a glow-brick in the fireplace, allowing the fire to glow. The other half includes a fancy chicken coop, and a food stand (The back of the inner wall, and the back of the chicken coop both can be removed to allow access to the inside of the chicken coop.). Both of these inner walls connect to the rock in the middle of the city. The rock has a giant dining room in it, and has the classic Minas Tirith courtyard on the top. The courtyard can be removed to allow access to the dining room through the top. Another thing that I added to the project is Grond.

Please support this project and encourage others to support it too. (It only takes a few second to support.) I hope this update will convince more people to join the cause for Minas Tirith. I know that if all the Lord of the Rings fans come together and support this project, it will become a real product! Best wishes to all, JediPippin.