WellyMootEndOfAllThingsCalling all Ringers in New Zealand and those planning on heading to New Zealand in March 2016.  The team over at Welly-moot are arranging an event of special magnificence, assisted by the lovely crew at Roxy Theatre Wellington.

On March 24, 2016 they will be hosting the movie marathon to end all movie marathons!  All six extended edition films back to back for 24 hours!

Roxy Cinema in co-operation with Welly-moot NZ, presents:


(The Hobbit 1,2,3 followed by LOTR 1,2,3 – all Extended Editions)

We’ve talked about it for a long time, but here it is, the Ultra-Mega-Super-Marathon. All six Middle-earth movies in a single sitting!

The Roxy Cinema will be hosting this event at the start of Easter 2016. The first session will start on Thursday March 24, and that means we will finish on the anniversary of the destruction of the Ring, March 25th, or Good Friday.

Tickets will be around $250, for that you get the following:
– 6 Extended Movies
– 3 meals from the Roxy
– Snacks between the other session
– Staff to look after us for a 24 hour session
– [much more to follow]

Seating is limited so if you want to attend please make sure you click on the “will-attend” on their Facebook events page or email them at events@welly-moot.com

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