15535555380_6ce0307272_o We’ve heard that you’ve redesigned Rivendell for LEGO IDEAS?

Ben P: LEGO actually contacted me and suggested I list Rivendell on the ideas page! I never thought it could be a real set because Rivendell is so big, but I submitted a downsized version which is currently gathering support to be a real set. Check out the update to see the downsized pics.

Is it normal for LEGO to reach out to people and ask them to submit a proposal to their IDEAS site?

Ben P: No, I don’t think so. Originally, I posted the display on their gallery page and LEGO didn’t think I was the actual builder and thought I posted another person’s pictures. When they realized I was the builder, LEGO suggested I submit Rivendell to the ideas page.

What key decisions (or compromises) did you make in refining your LEGO IDEAS Rivendell submission?

Ben P: I had to downsize the giant display into a feasible set that might pass a review if it gets enough supporters, which you can see on the updates. Instead of picking one or two of the buildings I included most of them to give as many options. This way LEGO can pick and choose which builds they think would sell. I also included some minor landscaping and the light up moon rune for added play-ability. The feedback so far has been mostly positive and constructive in helping this version of Rivendell on its journey to 10,000 supporters.

Are you going to build more Middle-earth scenes?

The Woodland Realm has crossed my mind but I would have to tear down Rivendell and I’m not quit ready yet.

Ben’s LEGO IDEAS Rivendell project is here: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/91654.
Ben’s MOC Rivendell Flickr full gallery is here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/127491317@N08/.


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