LEGO Rivendell_15100406144_l How long do pieces generally take to create?

Ben P: I think the average piece takes a month or two to finish. Rivendell took much longer because of the size and its detailed environment that I wanted to keep exact to the movie.

What are the stats on the Rivendell piece?

Ben P: Rivendell has over 120,000 pieces with 26 minifigures. It’s over 50 inches (1.3 meters) wide by 40 inches (1 meter) deep and the highest peak of the mountain is 50 (1.3 meter) inches tall. It weighs about 250 lbs (112kg). The build took 300+ hours spread out over 11 months to plan, design, and build.

Even though it breaks down into 6 pieces I still need a moving truck to transport.

Will you be showcasing it anywhere?

Ben P: It was on display earlier this year at the Children’s Museum in my hometown. It will be at Discovery World in Milwaukee, WI in October. Blocks Magazine, based in the UK, also featured it in their March issue.


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