More from the press junket for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies World Premiere in London! This time it’s three elves who were chatting with staffer greendragon – discussing topics such as what exactly is the quality an actor playing an elf has to find, and how to let go and just trust the creative but chaotic genius of Peter Jackson!

Off camera, all three were invited to join us at The One Last Party. They were excited to party with fans – Evangeline Lilly even said that, although that is her one week off in the year, she might break into her down time to be with us! Don’t forget, if you pledge to the crowdfunding campaign before 12noon EST on Dec 31st, you could win a cool prize! Full details here.


Join us in Los Angeles in February at The One Last Party

one last party logo We’re hosting a Party of Special Magnificence next February — a toast to all SIX movies, both LOTR trilogy and The Hobbit.

Visit our Indiegogo campaign page to grab your tickets and help make it happen — so we can all celebrate Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth movies together!