one last party logo SAVE THE DATE and get ready to celebrate at The One Last Party – There and Back Again. As we get ready for the release for the final film in the Hobbit Trilogy, we couldn’t let Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth movies sail into the West without one final, big celebration! is planning to hold a Party of Special Magnificence next February — a final toast to all SIX movies, both The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy.

This will be on Saturday 21st Feb 2015 – the day BEFORE the Oscars — at a venue in Los Angeles, TBA. There will be music, food, drink, entertainment and all kinds of fun! We hope to host a special performance, with cast members appearing on stage to entertain you all!

But here’s the thing…

We cannot hold this event unless we raise much of the cost in advance. So we’re going to crowd-fund this special occasion, through advance ticket sales and other donation levels.

There will be lots of ways to be involved with this event; even if you won’t be able to join us in person for the party, you can still be part of our celebration of these films. We will be offering some amazing crowd-funding perks and levels in return for your support; there will be support levels as low as $10, through to a level at which you can buy your party ticket, and beyond to levels with exclusive collectibles, signed items and special perks as part of your pledge!

Remember, The Return of the King Oscar party sold out in TWENTY MINUTES! This will be the last big chance to celebrate PJ’s Middle-earth with TORn and fellow fans (and, we hope, some very special guests) — so get ready to buy your ticket or make your pledge to The One Last Party!

We plan to launch our crowd-funding/ticket sales on MONDAY 1st DECEMBER — the day of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies World Premiere. Don’t miss the last boat to leave the Grey Havens — this will be a night to remember, and you can help make it happen!

[All details will become clear when we launch; but if you have questions which just can’t wait, email]