Well, the trailer is here! And I think we can all agree that it was well worth the wait. Quickly, here are twelve moments from it that really knocked our socks off!

The usual warning for spoilers, speculation and analysis goes here.




Number 1. Dwalin: “Bilbo is right, you can not see what you’ve become.”


Garfeimao: Key line for me. Holy guacamole.
Demosthenes: This whole movie is going to have a totally different tenor. Character-driven drama from go to woah.
deej: We’re seeing a bigger divide within the Company, and Thorin’s line in the teaser trailer (“Will you follow me, one last time?”) has even more significance.

Number 2. Bard speaks through a hole in the rock to Thorin: “You brought upon them only ruin and death”.


Garfeimao: I loved what appears to be a heart to heart with Bard telling Thorin he lead them to death and ruin and Thorin looking crushed.

Number 3. Saruman: “Leave Sauron to me”.

Demosthenes: Galadriel and Gandalf lie injured on the ground next to Elrond as Saruman walks off. Lee is amazing. Does this preface a showdown that is also the beginning of the fall of Saruman?
AragorntheElfstone: “Leave Sauron to ME.” *fist pump*. Lee has ONE shot in the whole thing, and he steals it. 😀
Garfeimao: When Saruman says “leave Sauron to me, Galadriel is on the ground hugging Elrond’s leg.
Calisuri: wow — and the flash of Sauron shows his figure.
deej: I’m wondering if we’ll see the beginning of Saruman’s allegiance with Sauron?

Number 4. Thranduil to Gandalf: “You started this, you will forgive me if I finish it”.


Garfeimao: This likely refers not to Dol Guldur or the Orcs, but with cleaning out the Lonely Mountain.
Calisuri: LOVE That line.

Number 5. Bilbo: “When faced with Death, what can anyone do?”


deej: Honestly, this made me so sad. And, as I’m guessing that line is just before the battle, it makes it all the more tragic.

Number 6. Absences. No Dain, no Smaug. No Beorn, no Radagast.


Demosthenes: Nothing of any of those characters. I’m especially interested in Radagast’s absence from Dol Guldur. What does this mean? It will add even more fuel to the Radagast dies theory.

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