Peter-Jackson-Doctor-Who Sources close to the production of The Hobbit inform us that the Kiwi-based actors of The Hobbit films will be flown to Los Angeles where the very final premiere for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies will be held.

It seems that John Callen (who plays Oin) wasn’t told of this plan before the announcement of the London World Premiere — hence his distress that we publicised earlier today.

We’re assured that the actors have now been informed and are delighted with this plan.

We don’t know many more details of the Los Angeles celebration just yet, not even a date, but when we hear what’s planned for this special, final celebration of Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth films, we’ll let you know.

Please note: at the request of the film production, we’ve removed our earlier story as it was based upon now out-of-date information.