Lake-town LuauWe are very excited to announce that our long-time supporters, WETA Workshop, have come on board to Co-Sponsors the Laketown Luau – A Tolkien Celebration! Weta will be sending a few little prizes to the party, along with a few of the artists attending the convention. This will be a great chance to hang out in a more casual environment with some of the people responsible for the look and feel of Middle-earth. Their sponsorship also allows us to drop the pricing down to $30 a person. Yup, you heard that right! For those who already have tickets, you will be receiving a $10 refund per person, and for those who were still on the fence, jump off that fence and join us at the Kona Kai for a night that will be truly memorable! [Buy Tickets]

We are also excited to announce Badali Jewelry is also participating at the Supporter level and will be providing some great shiny prizes for you to win during one of our gaming activities. More on the games and activities later on, but first, let’s get a little history on why a Luau.

Enter Fanfic mode ~

A long time ago, when I was but a wee girl, I lived with my older brother and sister, while our Da did his best to take care of us. Mother was gone, but my sister did her best to keep our home clean and take care of me, while my brother helped Da with his many different jobs. Like everyone else in Laketown, we were poor, but we made due.

We had always lived at the far end of the Lake, opposite the Lonely Mountain, which was said to be the home of a terrible dragon. No one had seen the dragon for many years, so many that few were still alive who had witnessed him laying waste to the countryside. But we all lived in houses on the lake, to try and stay safe should he ever emerge. No one was sure if he was still alive, but then no one ever really ventured to the ruined town near the mountain to check on him either. There were stories of the day the Dragon first came to the Lonely Mountain and killed so many of the Dwarves and Men who lived on that side of the Lake, just as there were stories of the happy life before the Dragon came. And since that terrible time, new stories and songs told of a time when the Dwarves would return, destroy the Dragon and the wealth would return to the region, but no one really believed those types of stories.

Not until the day my Da brought home a small Company of Dwarves, when legend became reality and our lives changed forever. Many in the town were so happy when they saw the dwarves, but our Da knew that the Dragon was still inside the mountain, still dangerous, and that the presence of the Dwarves would bring certain destruction. No one listened, they sent the Dwarves across the Lake to the sounds of song and merrymaking, and then did their best to silence my Da.

Those next few days were terrible days, so many people died in the town when the Dragon came, and everyone lost their homes. Nothing was left but hunger, cold and tears. While the men were away trying to salvage some of the gold inside the mountain in order to rebuild our town, the Elves came. I really liked the Lady Elf who came and helped us, but their King, he was so different, aloof and not friendly at all. And yet, he did help, sending menders to aid our sick, while the warriors moved to help our Men. I know very little of what happened after that, except that there was a great battle with the same Orcs who invaded our home. Many died in the battle, just as many had died from the Dragon attack.

It took many years to rebuild Esgaroth, the old name for Laketown. We were able to build some of the homes on the shores of the Lake, but some of the old timers felt safer on the water, so we have both. The Dwarves were able to rebuild their mining operation and it opened up trade along the Long Lake again. The Elves cleared the Forest Road and trade with other realms resumed. My family and many others do quite well now, not really rich, but no longer scraping by, day by day. The trade with the outside world has brought in brighter clothing, we are able to paint our homes and people from far away lands travel to do business here.

Every year, to celebrate that long ago time when the Dragon was vanquished (by my Da), the Orcs were defeated, and friendship was forged between Men and Elves and Dwarves, we have a celebration. There is music and drink, dancing and food, games and prizes and much good cheer. The colors of our homes are so much more vibrant and happy, it is hard to believe we once lived in such poverty and despair. If you had survived a Dragon attack, you would do much the same as us, celebrate your life with friends and family.

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tiki 1In the spirit of Middle-earth friendship amongst races and the happier times that came after the downfall of the Dragon, please join for a Laketown Luau. A list of games and activities, as well as the newly reduced ticket pricing is available on the Eventbrite page. One of the many activities will include a Tiki Piñata, a colorful re-interpretation of the once famous Dwarf statues that stood as sentinels outside of Erebor. All kinds of little treasure lie within, but you won’t know unless you join us.

Also, in addition to being able to lower the price of the tickets, we have also been able to extend online ticket sales until Monday, July 21 at 6pm.  At this time, the pre-order tickets will close so we can give final numbers to the hotel. But we will be able to sell tickets at the door if we have not already sold out. Just RSVP to with the names of everyone attending, and then be ready to pay at the door.

One other activity you will want to prepare for is the Hula Dance costume contest, although costumes are not really required. It’s the Hula Dancing that is required. There will be a category for those in Tolkien themed costumes (Hula Dancing Hobbits), Non-Tolkien themed costumes, Mundanes (no costume) and children. To prepare you for the Hula Dance, here is a little tutorial, as long as you can recall the first 4-6 moves, you will be do just fine.

Mahalo and see you all at the Laketown Luau.