gondolin-donatoTORn’s good friend and artist extraordinaire Donato Giancola, who was part of TORn’s art show in Los Angeles last February, has recently completed a new masterpiece: a commissioned painting showing a scene from The Silmarillion, when Huor and his brother Hurin are rescued by eagles.  The work is huge – roughly 9 foot by 6 foot! – and perfectly showcases Giancola’s skill in capturing landscape and living beings alike.  (The image of Donato himself sitting in front of the painting gives you an idea of the scale of the piece!)  The majestic scenery is breathtaking, with beautiful play of light and shadow over the mountains and the valley floor.  The patches of glimmering snow on the peaks in the foreground of the picture are mirrored in the white towers of Gondolin,which gleam ‘like … spike[s] of pearl and silver’.

You can read about Giancola’s inspiration for his work – from artists in the Hudson River School of landscape painters, for example – at his website, here.  You can also see more of his incredible Tolkien paintings in his book, Middle-earth: Visions of a Modern Myth.  Tolkien isn’t the only writer who inspires Giancola; readers who are fans of George R R Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire can look forward to a calendar in 2014, for which Giancola will create 12 new paintings inspired by that world.

Meanwhile, enjoy Huor and Hurin Approaching Gondolin.

donato gondolin