hobbitdostaurielblrg2As we march closer to The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug more and more products will be announced. Today, our friends at Weta Workshop announced three new products all tied to the character Tauriel. Fans can now pre-order Tauriel’s Bow & Arrow, Tauriel’s Pendant, and the fabulous looking 1:6 statue of Tauriel.

The Bow & Arrow of Tauriel is an awesome looking prop replica of the weapon you will see her carry during the rest of the trilogy. Fans can get this right now for only $350 with an edition size of just 1,000 pieces worldwide. If you order this early you can get in on the partial shipment that is due to arrive in early November.

If you like jewelry then this next product is for you. Tauriel wears a stunning looking pendant and one of the few female pieces of jewlery in the entire trilogy. You can get a sterling silver edition of this necklace for only $179 shipped to your door in November.  The last of the three items is something fans got their first look at back in July during Comic-Con 2013.

The superb looking statue capturing Tauriel about to take out an orc while elegantly posed on a tree in Mirkwood. This statue is highly detailed and like the Thranduil statue has a power and elegance we expect from the Elves. Tauriel’s statue comes in with a price of $275 and an edition size of 1,000 pieces worldwide. A partial shipment will be arriving in early November so get your order in ASAP.