Thorin_Oakenshield Moments ago, the new trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug went live on the internet.

The details? No full shot of Smaug, but a lot of glimpes! And a hint of Bilbo riddling with the dragon. “Smaug the Stupendous!” No Beorn in human form, but was that him as a bear? We also have Bard, The Eye of Sauron and an army of orcs!

Thranduil offering help to the Thorin and company, and telling Tauriel not to encourage the affections of Legolas. Gosh, won’t that cause a stir?

“We have been blind and in our blindness our Enemy has returned.” Gandalf the Grey.

Wow! Intense.

But enough gabble — check it out for yourself!