Lego MOC Helm's Deep by Rich-K & Big J .
Lego MOC Helm’s Deep by Rich-K & Big J .
This huge Lego My Own Creation of Helm’s Deep is simply enormous. Created by Rich-K & Big J, it’s only 90% complete right now and uses some 150,000 bricks and features 1,700 mini-figures.

How big is it? Well, it weighs around 160 pounds (about 70 kilograms for us metric folk), and covers a pretty much an entire ping-pong table. The creators say it uses 24 grey 48 x 48 base plates.

Once LEGO set was released last year, I thought, is this it? so I have started to collect mini-figures from around the world specially Elf. It was painful process since I was only able to get six from Germany, eight from Poland, etc in order to get enough Elf to represent movie scene. Actual construction took about four months.

This MOC will be on display in its fully complete form at BrickWorld in Fort Wayne on September 28 and 29.