Pledge Drive Legolas Our 2013 Pledge Drive wraps up in just a few hours. If you’ve been considering making a pledge to help your Tolkien community keep growing, NOW is your last chance to make a commitment!

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Every Pledge helps us defray those costs — plus there’s some cool stuff that you can claim as a reward, too.

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Our Ebay Light The Beacons auctions are still going, too. The last lot of auction items will be active for a few more days — so keep an eye out for more cool collectibles that you can grab! 

Light The Beacons has proved so successful that we’ll be doing it again in the future.  We get to bring you exclusive, rare items to own, and you get to show your support for TORn — win, win!  So look out for more auctions in future; but meanwhile, click here to check out all the current auctions action and find something you’d like.

Our thanks to Cyryptozoic for supporting The Road to DragonCon

We also want to thank again our Road to DragonCon major supporters — Cryptozoic.  Without their help, the Road Trip would not have been possible.  Our Road Trip team is finally nearing home after a long journey There and Back Again! They had a great time at DragonCon; look out for a full report from TORn staffers about all the shenanigans and hijinks of the con, later this week!