DoS Annual 2014 Bard Here are three quite interesting descriptions from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Annual 2014 of the areas of Middle-earth that Thorin & Company will be passing through early on in The Desolation of Smaug.

Not much that’s new, but it’s certainly more confirmation of divergences from Tolkien’s novel. If you’re trying to remain unaware of these little surprises, don’t read on — here be SPOILERS!

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Bilbo’s travels with Thorin and the rest of The Company have taken him far from his home in The Shire. From towering mountains to cavernous depths, the heroes find themselves passing through some truly amazing places.

Beorn’s cabin

When the group are searching for somewhere to rest after their dangerous journey through the Misty Mountains, Gandalf leads them here. But after they are chased by a huge bear, Bilbo thinks that htey might have been safer if they’d stayed up a tree surrounded by Wargs!

However, the Shape-shifter Beorn reveals that he is the bear, and welcomes everyone into his home. They Company are able to rest here in peace before continuing their quest.


When Gandalf heads south on a quest of his own, The Company are faced with travelling through this weird wood on their own. Blanketed in shadows and filled with decay and evil, Mirkwood has claimed the lives of many an unwary traveller. If the deadly waters of its dark rivers don’t claim you, then one of the horrible creatures lurking in the shadows surely will…

The Hall of the Elvenking

The fortress of Thranduil, the King of the Wood Elves. Thranduil sees Mirkwood as his private realm and has little patience for those who enter it without his premission — especially if they happen to be Dwarves. Built over the swift river that leads to the Long Lake, it is here Thorin and his companions are taken when they are captured by the Elves. Luckily for them, Bilbo has a trick or two up his sleeve.

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