image (1) Thunder in the distance, clouds on the horizon. It was shaping up to be a day spent huddling inside when the company split ways for the day, but they did not despair.

Justin took the crystal slab, streaming the knowledge of Middle-Earth to those who wanted it most, while Doug and Ryan fled into the dark, cold, gaming cave. Where they played Cryptozoic’s table-play The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with all manner of persons. Jovial were the games when people learned the power of working as a team, as one unit, and the company never faltered once.

While the young dwarves looked after the horses, the streaming Company were making their way to panels moderated by Mr. Cere on the Tolkien track. Drunken hobbit songs brought in a rowdy audience. More tales from Middle-earth with Graham McTavish (Dwalin) and William Kircher (Bifur).

The Company reconvened as a complete group once more to dine, then set out in search of a party, and find a party they did. All the cracks in time and space had opened for one night at the annual masquerade, and a host of beings from every plane poured into the lobbies of the four hotels. Spilling into the halls ,and rooms of conference, splashing the air with the sounds of their fevered happiness. It was a gathering of which the likes have never been seen, or may never be seen again.

All good things must conclude , so check out tomorrow’s installment of “Cryptozoic’s Lost Tales” when the company once again hits the road. They’ve completed the “There”, now it is time for the “Back Again” in Cryptozoic’s Road to Dragon Con!

Doug Brochu.