As you know, we’re currently conducting our pledge drive to raise funds and keep our servers running. We also have some very exciting auctions going on over at Ebay.

There are some fabulous, exclusive pieces up for grabs – including some things which, usually, money can’t buy! Time is running out on some of our auctions too, so best check them out now. Here are just three that might tickle your fancy:

ElijahWoodPhotoElijah Wood PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED 8×10 photograph

In EXCELLENT condition, this is an 8 x 10 inch photograph personally signed by Elijah Wood for one of our TORn staffers at ORC 2004 (One Ring Celebration Convention). This is not a pre-stamped signature. It’s the real thing!

For several years, would host an ORC Convention in Pasadena, California. At each 3-day Convention, the Hobbits (Billy Boyd, Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, and Dom Monaghan) would attend our festivities along with many of the LotR cast, artists, production crew, calligrapher Daniel Reeve (and more), as well as Tolkien artists, authors… you get the picture!

It was during the 2004 Convention that Elijah Wood autographed this photograph for our TORn staffer. There are no snapshots of this happy moment… just the fond memory of its recipient.

Elijah Wood Autographed Photo Auction

MirkwoodOrcArrowTORn’s ‘Road to DragonCon!’ Faux Mirkwood Orc Arrow

Since leaving Los Angeles, California last Monday, TORn’s most Worthy Warriors have taken to the Road on a Quest to DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia. They will arrive at the mighty Con this Labor Day Weekend (August 30 – September 1). The journey has been fraught with danger, travelling through unknown lands, and braving endless cups of questionable coffee.

Now you can own a piece of the ‘Road to DragonCon’. During their trip while at 4-corners USA, they came upon what they have dubbed a ‘Mirkwood Orc Arrow’. Now, we all know that the chance of Orcs being found in Southwest America is pretty slim, but that makes this item all the more unique. Okay… it’s really not from Mirkwood, or Orcish, but what if it was!?”

Because this treasure is on the Road, the exact dimensions and materials of this weaponry are unknown for now… making it all the more mysterious. Let’s make a guess and say the arrow is 16-18 inches long with a wooden shaft and a green stone or plastic arrowhead. Admit it. You’re intrigued! Take a chance and defy reason… make a bid!

Watch for more captivating trinkets as our Rugged Road Warriors find plunder along the way there and back again. Own a piece of the ‘Road to DragonCon’.

And there’s more! Because our Travellers are not at home, there may be a delay of a week or so before your auction Fundraising item can be shipped to you. Thank you for your interest, understanding and bravery!

Faux Mirkwood Orc Arrow Auction

 BilboTShirtBilbo Baggins long-sleeve t-shirt Hobbit

Item is a high quality standard Size Large official New Line Productions long-sleeved T-shirt. New with tags –100% cotton – never worn, never washed (may shrink). It is a light tan color, and the image has been photo-silk screened (it is not a transfer).  Measurements: Across Chest 21.5 inches, Sleeve Length (from sleeve seam at shoulder to wrist) is 23.5 inches, Overall Length (from shoulder to hem) is 31 inches.”

Bilbo Baggins Long-sleeve T-shirt Auction




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