TORn Message Board Admins

AtaahuaImageAtaahua is a moderator on the discussion boards and joined TORN in mid-2001 – just a few months before The Fellowship of the Ring was released. When she isn’t on the look-out for trolls, wargs and other creatures of mischief, Ataahua works in communications and likes to get out and enjoy the natural landscape of her home in New Zealand.



entmaidenImageEntmaiden is a moderator on the discussion boards and joined TORn in early 2002 – right after seeing the most amazing movie, and needing to find SOMEONE who wanted to talk about it!  When not patrolling the message boards (and joining in the fun and anticipation), Entmaiden is a corporate consultant, living in Chicago.



RosieWithTheRibbonsRosie-with-the-ribbons joined TORn at the end of 2007, when the first news about The Hobbit being filmed started to trickle in. And this time she wanted to be at the best place with the best news. Besides looking out after the boards as an admin, she also participates in the S.H.I.R.E. project and the Mathom-house project. In her life outside of TORn, she works as a secretary, goes to school to study Communications or is working on a Hobbit cross stitch.



KimiImageKimi is one of the Admins, beating the bounds of TORn’s message boards. she first found TORn way back in 1999, when the site was new and the LOTR movies were still well in the future.  She was born in New Zealand, and apart from two years in England has lived there all her life. She’s married to her childhood sweetheart. They have a few acres in the countryside, where they have an orchard and a large vegetable garden, and a small flock of fat sheep to keep the grass down. She writes historical novels set in New Zealand; which these days is her full-time job.

DernwynImagedernwyn has been a Tolkien fan since her older brother had her read The Hobbit back around 1966/67, followed by LotR. A couple years later in high school she found herself in a small group of like-minded Tolkien geeks. They would pass notes written with Tengwar, and it’s then that she acquired the nick “dernwyn”, due to her shy nature. So hers might be the “oldest” nick on the message boards!  She says “I will never forget my deep grief at learning of Tolkien’s passing…it felt as if Middle-earth were now closed to us! Learning that the Silmarillion would be published was eucatastrophic.  I first found TORn soon after FotR was released, but didn’t discover its online community until two years later! I’m now a Forum Admin/Moderator on the TORn Message Boards. That means that I do a lot of “beating the bounds”: editing posts (either per request or due to content), moving posts as needed, answering questions that need answering, and generally trying to be helpful (and occasionally “stern and motherly” 😀 )!”

EarlImageEorl the Young hails from a land far beyond the edges of the maps of Middle-earth where some say the stars are strange. He has been a Tolkien fan since the heady days of his early tweens when, scouring the internet for like-minded fans, he stumbled upon TORn over his dial-up connection. He has since had the privilege of joining the troop of TORn staffers and being an admin on TORn’s message boards. His delights are music, memories, and Middle-earth. He did not find adventure… it found him.



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Barlimans Chatroom Moderators

Barliman. Our official bartender Barliman is the mainstay of our chat, always happy to serve you a pint of 1420, or a plate of crispy-fried Balrog Wings. Or jump in the bunnysled for a quick ride around Bree. Just ask him about his full menu! He can be as angry as Beorn when roused, though, so troublemakers and those with potty mouths had best be on their very best behaviour lest they feel his Tulkas-like wrath!

MirielImageMiriel is a moderator in Barliman´s chat, and has frequented TORN since 2011. When she is not studying or nerding, she enjoys long walks in the Finnish forests. Miriel is also known as the chocolate monster (the_CM for short) and can be just as devastating to a pile of chocolate or a pile of trolls in the room.



Rich is a Barliman’s chat moderator, and has been on and off the server since late 2001 after a friend suggested he stop by. A photographer by day (and night) Rich splits his time between Bristol and London in England’s green and pleasant land. When not clicking on a keyboard or a camera, Rich can be found at the gym or in an obscure coffee shop.

Nessy is a moderator in Barliman’s and first stumbled into the chat room in 2002. Being from Northern England, Nessy is often teased by her fellow chatters for her use of northern phrases such as “it’ll be reet”. She is a keen baker, and likes to share photos of the cakes she has made in order to make everyone in the chat room drool. Her favourite quote from The Lord of the Rings is “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us”.

EllaHalfling is a moderator for Barliman’s chat room. She joined TORn in mid-2001 after seeing a trailer for FOTR and promptly devouring the books. In her spare time, she’s a graduate student in ecology and an avid rock climber in the Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her boyfriend. She likes mountains and beards, which makes The Hobbit very exciting for her.

Sunshower found the TORn site in 2008, after picking up a little DVD titled “Ringers: Lord of the Fans”.  She thinks of this event as bit of a C.S. Lewis moment, as the thought “…”What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” seemed fitting. She freely admits to first getting to know Tolkien’s work in 2001 by way of PJ’s adaptation.  Sunshower may, at times, be spotted browsing bookstores in Texas since she thinks finding Tolkien books with various covers to be a completely valid use of free time.

Samgamgee – on sabbatical

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