Legolas Greenleaf FB We, here at TORn, along with our friend Jerry Vanderstelt are pleased to announce that he has a brand-new print available for order.

Jerry’s new print captures the Elf Prince Legolas Greenleaf as we’ll see him in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I was able to watch Jerry work on this during Comic-Con 2013 and can assure you this is a great-looking print. This amazing print comes in several styles: Paper Giclee 18×24, Canvas Giclee 18×24, and Canvas Gicle with Gallery Wrap 18×24.

The Legolas print in Paper Giclee comes in at $130 which is a fantastic price for such a great piece of art. You can order Legolas right now from Jerry’s store: Vanderstelt Studio