twitter TORN iconAs you are aware, many Hobbit cast members have their own twitter accounts. After Evangeline Lilly participated in a live Twitter Q&A the other day, we thought it would be a great time to remind you of the official accounts. As far as we know each actor manages their twitter personally, offering a great way to keep up with them.


Your favorite Lord of the Rings actors are also highly active on twitter and love responding to fans.

Folks that make middle earth come to life through the magic of cinema, words and music: also publishes unique twitter content, moderated by a select group, which is often more fun and reactive to trends than the home page. Our wide volunteer staff work in a wide variety of industries (and countries) which makes for a robust and diverse community, brought together by a mutual love of Tolkien. primary account

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If we missed any Hobbit and Lord of the Rings folks who are active on twitter let us know in the comments!