The coverage and content of Comic Con keeps on coming to those who didn’t make it and even for those who did but couldn’t be everywhere at once. We will continue to release videos from our night and day experiences and we are starting out with a tour of Badali Jewelry’s booth which they were kind enough to share with us! Not only are they good friends to the site and Tolkien fandom, they make some pretty incredible Middle-earth stuff and through the end of July they are offering a discount to TORn readers and viewers. With coupon code SMAUG you can get 15 percent off your entire order. This video allows you to meet the down-to-earth team there as they show and chat about their amazing merchandise.

The booth folks at Comic Con are the same people working back at home as tradespeople and Tolkien fans and they were behind this year’s excellent poster. They also made the “Good Luck” pins worn by the folks from the LOTR and Hobbit productions that were nominated for academy awards. They make a lovely One Ring too — obviously! They financially sponsored our Live Stream this year from Con so we are always in their debt. Here is their website so enjoy!