Live Coverage from Comic-Con 2013 and all things The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and Tolkien.-1Comic-Con is the focus of fandom for the next five days, and for those of us who cannot attend, we are going to be ¬†heavily leaning on our 100% volunteer staff at the show. To load even higher expectations on their shoulders, we’ve put together a LIVE coverage page featuring tweets, images, fb posts and of course a LIVE stream all with the hope they can update frequently. The page will auto update as new details come in, so just load up the subsite and sit back and relax. And if you want to communicate with our staff, use the hashtags #smaugcon #tornlive #sdcc Enjoy the coverage and if you appreciate it, please take a moment to support our site with a donation or snagging something from our shop!¬†[LIVE Coverage]