As you are already well aware, the staff of are descending on Comic-Con 2013 as one of the sole representatives of Tolkien fandom at this year’s show. We’ve talked a bit about our panel (Thur 5:30 Room 6A) and mentioned our LIVE coverage , but we haven’t really shared all of the amazing offerings we’ll have showcasing at our two, yes two, booth locations! (WETA #3513B  and Badali Jewelry #532 ) Whether its a Tauriel/Rosie the Riveter mash-up, or The Superman logo Hobbitized, we’ve got something for every Tolkien fan attending the show. Details after the break! (And not to worry for folks who will not be going, we are planning on offering most of these items in our online shop!)

‘This IS our Fight!’ Poster

When Tauriel first appeared in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug trailer, fan reaction was quick and enthusiastic. While there were some who were wary of a non-cannon character having such a prominent role, others were instantly bought and sold on the hard-edge, butt-kicking, elf warrior. When she said ‘This IS Our Fight,’ many of us took notice. This was the inspiration for our Rosie the Riveter and Tauriel Mash-up poster. Featuring the artist skills of David Powell and his spot-on portrayal of Evangline Lilly as Tauriel, this is something you’ll definitely want to own as we get closer to the release of ‘The Hobbit; The Desolation of Smaug.’ And if you are lucky enough to be at Comic-Con, Evangline will be in attendance. We are not sure if she is signing ‘anything’ other than the comic-book she is promoting, but it doesn’t hurt to ask right?

We are also offering 2.5″x3.5″ buttons of the same design.


Drake of Gold T-Shirt

DRAGON!! Look up in the sky to find the “DRAKE OF GOLD” – a brand new fan-made t-shirt appearing first at Comic-Con 2013!

As the last of his kind, the Fire Drake from the north sits atop his golden horde as Bilbo climbs up to take the famed Arkenstone in this heroic tribute. Designed by fan Sarah Myer, DRAKE OF GOLD makes its exclusive debut at SDCC where attendees will have the first opportunity to wear this iconic design!

Artist’s site:

We are only offering these shirts at Comic-Con 2013, but if the concept is popular enough, we’ll offer them through our online shop as well.



One Throne to Rule them allOne Throne to Rule them All

SAURON on the IRON THRONE heralds “One Throne To Rule Them All” and is our first San Diego Comic Con exclusive!

One of the most popular Tolkien mashups of the year, designed by fan artist Alan Bao (, makes its debut at SDCC after being featured on every major website including Reddit, Gawker and TORN. It is available in limited edition SILVER METALLIC ink, hand silk screened by the dwarves of Moria. The raw power of the gold ring stands out against the shiny reflective armor, and this metallic edition is only available on site at the convention!





We’ve got so many great offerings at the booth this year, stay tuned as Comic-Con rolls on for more details on how you can get your hands on some of the swag!

Don’t forget to join us at the WETA booth (3513B) and the Badali Jewelry Booth (532)

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