middleearthmarchmadness13-verticalWe teased it last week, and now it is finally here: The 2013 Middle-earth March Madness Tournament!

If you recall, the brave Samwise Gamgee came out as the 2012 victor after a series of amazing match-ups and votes that were decided by a single vote!

After weeks of deliberation, our Selection Committee have chosen our combatants and assigned them appropriate seeding on our 64 character/object tournament sheet. Yes, that’s right, we decided that instead of seeding the tournament with only ‘popular’ characters, we should shake things up a bit and offer a more diverse range of characters and objects that span the entire history of Middle-earth.

This year’s divisions are geographic based: The Shire, Angmar, Erebor and Mordor. Like the NCAA Tournament, being assigned into a division does not necessarily mean the character or object comes from that area.

Get ready for a few weeks of unique match-ups and non-stop excitement! Voting will start tomorrow right here on TheOneRing.net, so download your bracket today and fill it out. See if you can predict who will be our 2013 champion! [Download Bracket] [Last Year’s March Madness Results] (And of course, feel free to rant and rave against our Selection Committee in our comments – after all, that is also part of the whole March Madness experience!)

2013 Middle-earth Madness