TORN-Tuesday-300-250Greetings all you happy Hobbits, ribald Ringers, and talkative Tolkienites! Today we host our weekly live webcast TORn TUESDAY, which gives fans around the world a chance to join us live for exciting interviews, news updates, special announcements and the occasional forging of a Ring of Power (no kidding). Your host Clifford “Quickbeam” Broadway is joined by producer Justin “I Love Jar-Jar” Sewell for a discussion about THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY passing the $1 Billion mark worldwide, and special offers on some amazing things you can acquire from our recent The One Expected Party! Join the community of Tolkien fans who love to debate, praise, criticize, and above all playfully banter — its the most lively live streaming show you’ll ever see!  And you’re part of the show! You can watch and participate in the built-in Barliman’s Chat room right here on our Live Event page, starting at 5:00pm Pacific Time! See you there!