TORN-Tuesday-300-250Welcome aboard Tolkien fans, Ringer fans, Jackson fans, and all those other fandoms inbetween who love Hobbity goodness! Join us today for our weekly live chat show (last week’s streaming video was a screaming laugh riot; indeed a mob-scene of obscene comedy thanks to our special guests Dominic Monaghan & Billy Boyd!)…. join your host Clifford ‘Quickbeam’ Broadway and Star Wars Expatriate-turned Ringer fan Justin as we highlight the recent news and fun parodies starting to appear in the aftermath of THE HOBBIT: AUJ having taken the box office by storm these past two months! Watch here on our Live Event Page and join in Barliman’s chat. The action starts live at 5:00PM Pacific Time. You can also turn on your camera and join via Stickam here.