Jack from Welly-moot, Wellington’s Tolkien group, has been in touch with us, and it looks like Wellington may have a Line Party coming up sooner than you’d expect – next week, in fact!  Here’s what Jack says:

‘We held Welly-moot (the meeting of Wellington’s Tolkien enthusiasts) at the Embassy Theatre yesterday. I spoke to the Elly, the manager there, and asked her when Hobbit tickets to the December 13th opening would be available. She said at 12:01am Nov 7th (online), and 09:00am next morning (physical box office). I asked her if she would consider opening the physical box office at midnight as well, and she said she’d consider it IF she got enough demand for it.

So: if you are in Wellington and you want to join fellow fans to stand in line for tickets, please send an email to Elly, the manager of Wellington’s Embassy Theatre, at “manager@deluxe.co.nz” with a subject of “Please open the Box Office at 12:01am, Nov 7th for Hobbit Tickets!”.  If the box office opens, I plan to be there on the night – let’s see how many others we can get to join us!’

There you have it, Wellington fans – a call to arms!  It goes without saying, please be nice when you email Elly at the Embassy – we wish you luck in getting the first Line Party going!  Register your interest also at our Line Party page – and remember, wherever in the world you are, you can join a Line Party or start your own!  Just join our Line Party community!