Today, our friends at Air New Zealand – THE airline for Middle-earth – released this fantastic new safety video.  Look out for some familiar faces – including TORn staffers Quickbeam and MrCere!  This is so much fun – and typical of the spirit and humour of the folks at Air New Zealand.  And as if the video itself weren’t excitement enough, when you go here to watch the video, there’s a link to a chance to win one of six double passes to the world premiere screening of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in Wellington this November!  What are you waiting for?!


  1. Raziel Eruthurin

    Quickbeam! MrCere!…. you look great there!°!!!… awesome video!!!! XD

  2. This is so cool. Larry and Cliff, you two were awesome! I love to see how much the industry of New Zealand not only embraces LotR, but the fans! It truly is Middle-earth. 🙂

  3. Brian Boru

    Given that JRR Tolkien drew a lot of his characters such as Elves and Dwarves from Old Icelandic literature such as myths about the creation of Midgard/Middle-earth, I wonder how it would go down if Air New Zealand had a video promotion on air safety, which they said was promoted by Air New Zealand, te ahorangi o Aotearoa, which I am probably transcribing wrong, which only emphasises my point. And how would it go down if they had someone dressed as Tane flying the plane and someone dressed as Hine acting as a stewardess telling people dressed as Maui and his brothers acting as passengers to buckle their seatbelts against Tawhiri as they fly on the waka rererangi.

    Also, I really think that Peter Jackson should take Christopher Tolkien’s advice who says that there is one solution to idiotic requests such as the cameo requested of Jackson here and that is to turn one’s head away from them as Tolkien has done. Fulfilling these requests only perpetuates the monster the movies have become, devoured by their popularity, absorbed by the absurdity of our time, widening the chasm between the beauty and seriousness of Tolkien’s legendarium and reducing the esthetic and philosophical impact of its creation to nothing.

    • Or, you know, you could enjoy the absurdity that often comes with passion, and allow Mr. Jackson to indulge himself as well as the fans who *do* appreciate a healthy dose of silliness.

      • Brian Boru

        Funnily enough I’ve been given suggestions like that from Maori involved in the production who would be up in arms if Air New Zealand did a promotion called ‘te ahorangi o Aotearoa’ like the one I describe here and many Maori and their supporters would be doing sit ins on all the runways in airports around the country until the campaign stopped and I would join them if there were Maori in the protest that would support me if my culture was being ridiculed. And I can enjoy a healthy dose of silliness by the people involved in the production and would have done that at the time of The Lord of the Rings movies when there seemed to be a lot of respect for the source material that the books came from, which I’ve had the total opposite of from people involved in The Hobbit production.

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