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LOTRO launches ‘Riders of Rohan’ expansion

October 22, 2012 at 11:59 pm by MrCere  - 

There is a lot happening in the realm of Tolkien fandom and we might be a little guilty of not updating players or potential players with everything that is going on in the world of Lord of the Rings Online. Warners and Turbine have kept the game updated and rock-solid for years now and with the Riders of Rohan expansion, it looks as though that will continue. We feature here a promotional video and then the latest press release about the game. Enjoy the video after the break.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turbine announced today the launch of The Lord of the Rings Online™: Riders of Rohan™, the next expansion to the award-winning free-to-play massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG). Players across North America and Europe can purchase and play Riders of Rohan for PC today by visiting

“We are really excited to launch Riders of Rohan, our fourth major expansion to the game,” said Kate Paiz, Executive Producer of The Lord of the Rings Online. “This is our biggest expansion yet and we’re very excited about the introduction of the industry’s best mounted combat system, which brings a whole new form of gameplay to MMO players.”


· Explore Largest Landscape Yet — Join with the Rohirrim and ride across the sprawling plains of Eastern Rohan. Raise high your sword to fight for honor and glory in the name of Théoden King! Experience hundreds of new quests, earn new favor, get new gear, achieve new deeds and more!

· Experience Mounted Combat — Ride into combat atop your loyal War-steed as you defend the people of Rohan from the forces of Isengard and Mordor. Charge into battle using strategic maneuvers to outflank and defeat your opponents. Team up with a fellowship to challenge groups of enemies and use the combination of varied skills to triumph. Stomp, trample, kick, and charge your enemies in all new mounted combat throughout the plains of Rohan.

· Master New War-steeds — Enter the lands of the Rohirrim upon a new War-steed to aid you in mounted defence of King Théoden’s land! Hailing from a long line of majestic, highly intelligent, and kingly creatures known as the Mearas, War-steeds are faster, stronger, and more trained for battle than normal mounts. Advance your War-steed’s skills over time and customize your mount with unique appearances.

· Continue The Epic Story — The Fellowship is on the move once again and must achieve their task at all costs. It falls to you to clear the path and turn the Eye of the Enemy away from their progress as you aid the Rohirrim in their own struggle close by. Witness the breaking of the Fellowship at Amon Hen; forge alliances with the Ents of Fangorn; and aid Éomer, adopted son of Théoden, as he seeks to protect his homeland from the growing Shadow.

· Advance to Level 85 — Learn what it means to be Rohirrim as you face new challenges throughout the Riddermark on your journey to level 85. Continue your legend as you grow in power with new skills and deeds and get new armor and gear to aid you in the battles to come.

The Lord of the Rings Online™ is the ultimate adventure! This award-winning free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game delivers an interactive experience brimming with life and filled with the familiar people, places, and monsters from the most famous fantasy of all time. For more information, visit

Posted in Gaming, Lord of the Rings, Merchandise, Video games on October 22, 2012 by
Thranduil Statue

7 responses to “LOTRO launches ‘Riders of Rohan’ expansion”

  1. Gildor says:

    I hope i will soon play LOTRO….

  2. Gildor says:

    I hope i will soon play LOTRO….

  3. Gildor says:

    I hope i will soon play LOTRO….

  4. Gildor says:

    I hope i will soon play LOTRO….

  5. ribolas says:

    Why don’t you? It’s free. 🙂

  6. The Dovahkiin says:

    I’m a proud owner of this game, and let me just say!!!!
    Worth the wait indeed! 😀
    LOTRO is one of the better MMORPGs out there, though older now (it came out back in ’07), it still kicks butt and takes names!
    For those who don’t know:
    -It’s an MMORPG (PC only)
    -Released in April 2007 (though it was originally started by another developer back in 2003, I believe)
    -Has consistantly won many awards (including it’s expansions), a smash with critics, and has sold very well, it’s doing even better now in f2p mode
    -Has five major parts, covering many of the locales of Middle-Earth
    Shadows of Angmar (base game, 2007), which covers most of Eriador
    Mines of Moria (1st expansion, 2008), covers the depths of Moria
    Siege of Mirkwood (2nd exp, 2009), covers southern Mirkwood and Dol Guldor
    Rise of Isengard (3rd exp, 2011), covers Isengard, Fangorn, etc
    Riders of Rohan (4th exp, 2012) gets into Rohan territoy, with Eastern Rohan regions
    (free updates have included many areas that the initial expansions did not, like Loth Lorien and Enedwaith, etc)
    With more expansions to come in the future (about 1 a year)
    -Storyline wise the game has so far progressed to the early portions of the Two Towers
    -In 2010 the game introduced a Free to Play mode. It allows players the option not to pay, and to experience a large, but limited portion of the game, the subscribers get it all. From what I have found, most F2Pers pay for the things they want, while still not doing a monthly subscription.
    -With the latest expansion, the level cap is 85, and no, so far this is not a Deathknight class like in WoW that will instantly start you out at a higher level, you have to go from the very beginning
    -It’s a long game, so you won’t finish it too quick
    -The game is not focused on PvP (though it’s there) or end game content (though it’s there), its more about PvE
    -It’s more about the journey, so it’s got a play at your own pace feel to it, you won’t feel rushed to complete the game
    I heartily recommend it! 🙂

  7. Nicolas Fabbroni Leroy says:

    Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but…. It’s buggy as hell, is still laggy as hell after a year, the Store prices which were already quite high were raised, and horse customization got monetized to a ridiculous level of overprice. I wouldn’t suggest wasting money on it.

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