TORnadoes ask about it often in person at events, via email, on Twitter and Facebook: “Will there be line party events and organizations for The Hobbit movies?” The answer is a resounding YES! There will be some changes around TORn, any minute now, or at least in just a few hours after this post. Part of the purpose is to make things as great as possible, to get the site ready for The Hobbit onslaught but also to accommodate local gatherings around the world. Movie tickets should go on sale around November 7 and we hope to help events organize in a grass-roots fashion around the globe. Stay tuned and spread the word! Consider theater destinations, consider organizations in your community like book stores, movie clubs, people who love lines and consider lending a hand to a world wide effort to see “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” with like-minded friends. Thanks for your energy and enthusiasm and get ready!