If you like quests, enjoy board games and are always on the look out for family fun, we have some good news for you!  The folks at Prolific Games, designers of innovative board games, are busy making The Hirelings, a traditional game which uses a board, dice and cards to create a world of myth and mayhem!  The premise is this: ‘Deep in a dragon’s lair, the Heroes have been unceremoniously (but predictably) burnt to nothingness leaving the Hirelings to scramble their way to safety.’

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In keeping with the notion of the smallest people changing the world, the idea behind ‘Hirelings’ is that it’s the somewhat inept and incompetent ‘baggage carriers’ who suddenly find themselves in the middle of an adventure.  Bill Sininger, one of the game’s creators, says, ‘We designed it so kids can start learning to make choices, and parents can enjoy gaming with their kids.’  It’s a fairly straight forward game, suitable for kids from age 5, but the concept will appeal to adults and the artwork is, according to fathergeek.com in their review, ‘simply outstanding’.

The catch is – this game is in the development phase and needs funding!  You can learn more about the game at their kickstarter page, where you can support if you wish – and maybe grab yourself a fabulous tshirt into the bargain!  Looks like a lot of fun to us here at TORn; and TORn old timers may be interested to know that designer Bill Sininger is the nephew of former TORn staffer Balin, who sadly sailed into the West but is never forgotten round these parts.