would like to invite the Tolkien Art Community to an Unexpected Art Show on Saturday, November 10, 2012. This will be a Tolkien and Fantasy themed art show full of paintings, sketches and 3 dimensional artwork. Some of the work will be auctioned off, some will be available for general sale, and a few items will simply be on display for your enjoyment. The show will be from 10am-10pm, with the auction of some of the prime artwork to be held at 7pm. All ages are welcome to enter the Show, and to attend the event. There will be some food and beverages made available, for a modest price. We will open up ticket sales to the show in October. Tickets will be $5 online in advance, and $12 at the door. The Art Show will be held at Lot613 in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles. Lot613 is located at 613 Imperial St., Los Angeles, CA 90021.

If you are interested in participating in the show as an artist exhibitor, please contact our Art Show Director, Alyse at for the Rules of the show and to ask any questions you have. Once you are ready to sign up for the show, just follow the link for the Registration Form.

Update! Keep reading for more information and the Art Show rules…

Information and Rules for Artists Art Show Art Show will be held in Los Angeles, California on Saturday, November 10, 2012 from 10am to 10pm. Live auction will be held at 7pm with selected artwork (see rule 9 below). The venue is Lot 613, a blank-canvas special events space in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles.

Please reserve your display space in advance. All material that is pre-registered and pre-paid will be displayed. All other art (walk-in art) will be allocated space as it is available. Pre-registered and pre-paid artists will take precedence.

ART SHOW FEES: Space will be provided to artists upon determination of space needed. Free standing displays are allowed with prearrangement. There is a 15% commission charged on all sold artwork, including any artwork that is a print. All sales of artwork paid by credit card will be subject to an additional 4% processing fee.

PRINTS: encourages the sale of prints or posters, especially that of art work that is being displayed. All prints/poster sold are also subject to a 15% commission fee, and will be sold by and art show staff.

MAIL-IN ART: We will be accepting a limited amount of mail-in art. There will be an additional fee of $5 per artist for this service. The shipping address will be sent out with paperwork once space has been reserved. All artists mailing artwork to the art show must ship prepaid. We will accept mail-in entries up to October 31, 2012. You must utilize reusable cartons, sufficient packing materials and must include sufficient postage to cover return shipping and insurance. Please specify IN WRITING which service (UPS, USPS, ETC.) you wish used to return your art and the exact amount of insurance, if any. If no special instructions are given, art will be returned via UPS. If art is sold, the return postage will be refunded in whole, or in part, depending on how much of the art is sold.

PAYMENT AND DEADLINES: Payment for all fees must be made by PayPal in U.S. funds. All payments and the registration form must be received by October 22, 2012. If space fills, we will have a waiting list for available space in case of cancellations. Please let us know as soon as possible if your status (attending, mail-in, canceling, etc.) suddenly changes. Cancellations must be submitted by November 1, 2012 to receive a refund. If an artist that is pre-registered and pre-paid is not at the show by Saturday 12pm, their space will be resold to the next person on the waiting list unless the artist has made prior arrangements with the Art Show Director.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Payments will be mailed to artists 3 to 12 weeks after the show. The time delay is necessary to allow for the processing of charge cards and for delivering and collecting on sold art that is abandoned at the show. Buyers will be allowed to pay with cash, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, or personal checks with sufficient identification. Be prepared for the Art Show staff to handle your sold artwork. Artists should plan to pick up their unsold artwork between the hours of 12pm-5pm Sunday.<

General Art Show Rules

1. Art should be your original interpretation of a Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Tolkien, or fantasy related theme. Subject matter must not violate existing copyrights or trademarks. This means no direct copies of any of the actors from the films in character, or the animated version of characters, or from any of the published artworks currently in existence. If you have a verified license with New Line and Warner Bros, please specify.

2. We reserve the right to refuse the exhibition of any piece for any reason. Works that are judged to be libelous, plagiaristic, obscene, or detrimental to the value of trademarked characters will not be permitted. Before submitting your art registration, please send photos of your artwork so that we can approve entries prior to shipping.

3. All two-dimensional artwork must be matted, mounted, or framed. Attending artists and agents can hang their own art. Framed, matted, or mounted artwork must be ready to hang. If you are mailing in art, please include a diagram of how you wish your art to be hung in your space. Please include a price tag or allow enough room to attach a price tag to adequately display each item.

4. Small 3-D items like jewelry or miniatures should be displayed in a lockable closed display case. Small items without a case should be securely fastened to a large display board or other secure means. Each artist presenting small items is responsible to provide the appropriate securing means. We are not responsible for theft or damage to pieces displayed.

5. All artwork must be clearly labeled.

a. Once an artist sends in their art show entry and reservation form and fee payment they will be sent the requested number of Price Tags and Control Sheets.
b. A Price Tag must be prepared for all pieces, whether for sale or not, that includes the title of the piece.
c. The title and artist’s name and contact address must be on the back of each piece or print.This can be accomplished with a return address label or business card.

6. Prices of artwork may not be changed during the show without the express approval of the Art Show Director.

7. The Art Show staff will begin set up on Friday. Artists should not arrive before 12pm. If you have prepaid and arrive before 7pm on Friday and assist in art show setup, you will receive your selection of space within certain restrictions. If you are unable to reclaim your artwork at the close of the art show, please make prior arrangements with the Art Show Director.

8. We will charge a 15% sales commission on all pieces sold in the Art Show. Please allow for this when calculating your Sale Price.

9. A limited number of pieces will be selected by Art Show staff to be sold in a live auction at 7pm during the day of the Art Show. Bidding will start at the sale price set by each artist. If a piece of artwork remains unsold after the live auction, it will be placed back on display for regular sale for the remainder of the Art Show.

If you have any questions or need more information we can be reached at (be sure to include as much information as possible). If you would like to make a reservation via e-mail, please e-mail for more information. Thank you for your cooperation and interest in participating!

If you would like a .pdf copy of this information and the rules, please follow this link to the Art Show post in our discussion forums. A copy of the information and rules is attached to the bottom of the Art Show post.