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Radagast the Brown revealed in ‘Hobbit’ calendar *spoiler*

August 21, 2012 at 3:31 am by Earl  - 

As the first of three movies based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” inches closer, more and more marketing material will make its way to the interwebs. For example, the just discovered image of Radagast the Brown. Set for December 14, only months remain until  “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” (we think that is the title at least) finally comes to long-waiting fans. A calendar featuring the characters from the film has shipped to the public and on it is the previously glimpsed Radagast the Brown (played by Sylvester McCoy) from a fuzzy image taken from Peter Jackson’s December production diary. (The good Doctor will be in person at DragonCon in just over a week to talk Dr. Who and Middle-earth with fans. In fact, here is the complete schedule for the Tolkien Track.)

The image is a little bit of a spoiler but it seems a likely candidate to appear in the next trailer, due around September. has a calendar in hand and posted the image first after placing an order. This will be in the hands of other consumers shortly or is already. Radagast is visible after just after the break so once you click, you are spoiled. There will be no missing him.

The first hints of Radagast to the public came in a barely glimpsed and blurred out image in a December production diary. But that is clearly not the same thing as this official image. The next Radagast sighting was  from CinemaCon in unfinished footage from Peter Jackson, via Warners Bros. It was projected at 48 frames per second to distributors. Our own Quickbeam wrote the definitive account that included details about the wizard and his sled of bunnies.

But this image of the wizard is the first to actually be definitive about what the wizard will look like. He gets a mention from Beorn the shape changer when his is speaking about wizards to Gandalf. He lives in Middle-earth at Rhosgobel, his home on the edge of Mirkwood. He is known to have a fondness for animals and is disparaged by Saruman for this. But really, just read our character summary here from our own Hobbit movie FAQ.

Posted in Headlines, Hobbit Cast News, Hobbit Movie FAQ, Sylvester McCoy, The Hobbit on August 21, 2012 by Radagast the Brown revealed in ‘Hobbit’ calendar *spoiler* | Discuss
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8 responses to “Radagast the Brown revealed in ‘Hobbit’ calendar *spoiler*”

  1. Ross Tarbard says:

    He looks strangely like Davy Jones from Pirates in that.

  2. Fish says:

    Ha! That’s exactly what I thought! I was just about to make the same comment!'At_World's_End'_-_Davy_Jones.jpg

  3. David A. Curry says:

    I think it works. The hat isn’t a pirate hat because if you look closely the frame is cutting of the cone-portion of the hat. It will look and appear similar to that of Gandalf the Grey’s hat from The Hobbit and FOTR. The purpose of the brim being contorted into beaks or wings can be a gesture to the mentioning of him having birds living in his hair and/or beard. it makes him also appear batty, which is how Saruman depicts him. Another attempt at reinforcing this concept (unless I’m mistaking) is the style of robe and the gloves (?) which he is wearing, both which are the stereotype of a homeless person with differing ranges of schizophrenia clothed in an oversized coat or jacket.

    Knowing the detail put into these movies. i wouldn’t be surprised if places on his clothing are splotched with bird poo, and there are twigs in his hair and beard.

  4. markus says:

    hmm.. Sylvester McCoy and Ian Holm looks a bit alike, I hope this won’t bother me when watching it

  5. Jotodahan says:

    Looks like bad photoshop

  6. Sarah says:

    Don’t know about anyone else, but this looks like a bad photoshop to me. Like someone plopped his face on another body. If this is actually an official promo shot… yikes.

  7. StriderIsMyDog'sName says:

    He DOES look like Davy Jones!

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