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Jackson’s okay The Hobbit is the 3D 48fps guinea pig

July 21, 2012 at 2:05 am by linuxelf  - 

Talking to USA Today’s Brian Truitt in San Diego, Peter Jackson talks about raising the bar for The Hobbit, with a new movie technology. Peter Jackson says using 48 fps “gives you an illusion of life that’s so much more vivid than 24 frames does,” he says.

“The entire industry is in some respect waiting to see what happens with The Hobbit. I’m very happy to be the guinea pig.”

Jackson predicts that by the time The Hobbit is released, there will be several tent-pole studio movies that will be using the technology.

If not, he says that the industry might as well throw in the towel. Read more [here]

Posted in Director news, Director Q&A, Director Rumors, Hobbit Movie, Peter Jackson, The Hobbit on July 21, 2012 by
Thranduil Statue

10 responses to “Jackson’s okay The Hobbit is the 3D 48fps guinea pig”

  1. Wicked says:

    “If not, he says that the industry might as well throw in the towel.”

    This attitude is part of the reason that Jackson’s push of this technology is rubbing people the wrong way. For ANY director to arrogantly come along and say that his or her new technology is THE technology to save AN ENTIRE INDUSTRY is ridiculous beyond belief. The Comic Con screening earlier in the year clearly showed that 48fps is not an improvement. No one wants to watch soap operas on the big screen. However, Jackson continues to hide behind his “you’ve got to watch more than 10 minutes” argument after the backlash against 48fps footage that he thought everyone would love. Rather than admit that he made a mistake he continues to arrogantly push a technology that no one wants or needs.

  2. Mel823 says:

    Next time read the entire article before you make some long winded, inaccurate assumption of what wasn’t said.

  3. Greyhame says:

    Anything that may help with the eyestrain caused by the industry obsession with 3D is a good thing to try. Though I personally more wish that the industry would get over 3D more than anything else until they can find a way to do it that doesn’t require 3D glasses.

    I also don’t mind more realistic looking movies, I think that’s probably a good thing.

  4. it’s a big risk and at this point we have to see it through.

  5. Wicked says:

    I read the entire article. Not sure why you made an assumption that I didn’t. Nothing in my response is inaccurate or proved wrong by the article. I have followed this 48fps argument closely all year, so I am well informed.

    Also, I find it hysterical (seriously) that you would call my 122 word opinion “long winded.” Only in the age of Twitter would 122 words constitute a long winded message of any kind. This leads me to believe that you are likely around 17 and never……oh crap…this response is close to 100 words now. I better shut up before I become long winded.

  6. Roberto Mezquia Jr says:

    i’m still surprised at how many people still have never seen this crystal clear image on a screen before… i remember when i first bought my Samsung LED TV with 120Hz refresh rate, how “soap-like” it was… but my eyes adjusted almost immediately and REALLY loved watching movies in high clarity… i’m ASSuming this is what 48fps will look like but on a much larger scale… i for one am thrilled and can’t wait to see this, especially in 3D… the clarity that my TV brings has me almost spoiled to seeing normal TV… i almost can’t watch it unless it’s in that high refresh rate resolution…

    maybe some peoples eyes just can’t see beyond a certain quality and things just become a blur or washed out… but my vision is very sharp and keen on detail… i’ll be first in line (not likely) to watch The Hobbit in it’s highest available format… if you don’t like 48fps, they will have a 24fps option at the theaters as well…

  7. To be fair, you did mention the 48fps screening at Comic Con, when it was actually at CinemaCon. 😉

  8. Wicked says:

    Yes…I did type that wrong. Thanks for the catch.

    And actually, it was 48fps not 49fps, so I guess we all make mistakes. 😉

  9. (my comment never went through earlier…weird) Touche. 😉

  10. Take a breath says:

    Too late.

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