The highly anticipated San Diego Comic-Con will feature appearances from many of the major stars of the upcoming Hobbit movies. Fans of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit who have kids, take note! In addition to the big stars of The Hobbit, San Diego Comic-Con will also feature the little stars of Nimpentoad, a children’s fantasy book (

The furry bright-eyed little Nimpentoad is tired of being picked on by the bigger and meaner creatures of the ancient shadowy Grunwald Forest. He convinces his fellow Niblings to make the perilous journey to a castle where they hope to find refuge. Along the way, they are confronted by ravenous goblins, trolls, rhinotaurs and other perils. But with teamwork and Nimpentoad’s leadership, the Niblings outwit these menaces.

Nimpentoad offers a great way to introduce kids to the fantasy genre. The story’s humor and implicit lessons on bullying, teamwork, perseverance and leadership please parents, while the stunning images and writing style entrance young readers, as evidenced by 40 Amazon 5-star ratings. TORn previously reviewed the book here.

The authors will be in the Comic-Con Exhibit Hall on July 15, proudly wearing their Nimpentoad t-shirts. One of the book’s illustrators, Bill Maus, will be in Artists Alley. Best of all, TORn staff will be giving away some signed copies of the book! Comic-Con attendees – keep a sharp lookout for Nimpentoad!