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This past week, the Message Boards were jam-packed with some exciting events!  Peter Jackson graced us with Vlog #7 and 14-minutes of “here’s how we do it” bliss!  Unplug from your hectic day and have a look.

What would an awesome Vlog be without screencaps?  Thanks to DarkJackal, there’s a wonderful collection of Vlog #7 screencaps that “cap”ture the fun Jackson, cast and crew are having making these films.  Check out the pictures, excitement and comments by The Hobbit Discussion Board posters here.

Thanks to long-time poster Magpie, we have our very own TORn Mathom-house!  Over the past few years, she has spearheaded a collaborative, virtual project to collect, organize, and display the history, contributions and impact of the Tolkien-based fan community website known as TheOneRing.net.  Come join us at the Grand Opening here.

We’ll share more topics next week and hope you can join in on the conversation!  Don’t forget, TheOneRing.net’s Message Boards have over 7,700 registered Tolkien fans, just like you.  Let your voice be heard!