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SPOILER ALERT: CinemaCon Hobbit Footage Quick-hits! TORn Tuesday Moves to 5:30PM PT

April 24, 2012 at 4:35 pm by newsfrombree  - 

SPOILERS! We just got off the phone with Cliff (Quickbeam) to discuss what he witness during today’s WB presentation at CinemaCon 2012 in Las Vegas. He is literally on the road right now, driving back to LA, but wanted to pass along a few quick-hit items to share with you all before he goes into extreme detail during our LIVE TORn Tuesday show. (Which btw will now be pushed to 5:30pm PT today because of the trip) Please note, If you are fearful of spoilers…stop reading now!

Over all, Cliff was taken aback by the presentation of 3d 48fps – describing it as something he has never witnessed before – notes to come during the live broadcast tonight.

But what about the tidbits that were revealed in the 10 minutes of footage?…

  • The White Council featuring Saruman, Gandalf, Galadriel and Elrond.
  • Riddles in the Dark with Smeagol and Bilbo
  • The Trolls – Tom, Bert and Bill – all with dialogue!
  • Gandalf in Dol Guldur with Thrain
  • Legolas and Tauriel in an action sequence and a tense threat to Thorin!
  • Radagast the Brown in a bit of comedic glory
  • more…

Barring any major traffic snafus – Cliff will be back for TORn Tuesday LIVE at 5:30pm PDT. We have a complete section devoted to TORn Tuesday including a built-in Barliman’s chat room. You can also join in via Skype on’s Stickam page. [LIVE Event Area] (See All Times)

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19 responses to “SPOILER ALERT: CinemaCon Hobbit Footage Quick-hits! TORn Tuesday Moves to 5:30PM PT”

  1. Dannycarter1996 says:

    asdfghjkl cant wait to see the film >.< aaaaargh 

  2. Daniel says:

    I heard that the 48fps made the footage look cheap and jarring. If so, I’m heart-broken…

  3. Daniel James says:

    I hope “taken aback” is a positive sign! 

  4. Thenidiel says:

    Wow ! Can’t wait

  5. Master says:

    Ha! I knew the trolls were going to talk!

  6. Tpf39 says:

    Do you know whether this footage will be released to the public?

  7. Phredegar says:

    Can’t wait!  Assume that Tom Bert and Bill are the same as the stone trolls in FOTR:-)

  8. beowolf1 says:

    A lot of negative feedback from this viewing,
    First up lets take a look at what maybe the problem.
    From reports the footage shown was unfinished for the most part and effects, colour etc had not been applied fully.

    PJ not only has shot this in 48fps but also in very Hi Def 5k giving extreme detail. 5k tends to work best on wide shots of landscapes and large battle scenes.I don’t now if the clips shown were in 5k or not. Closer work tends to look strange and sets tend to look fake at these extreme resolutions.
    PJ is a smart guy it won’t take him long to tinker with the lighting, frame rates and resolution to address these issues.
    If you are worried about it then see the film at 2d with 24 fps and then go and see the full 48fps 3d version.

    It may simply be a case of Sir Peter changing the Resolution and frame rates for the required scene, so the wide shots get the full works and the closer work is reduced in detail. Many of the comments mention it looks too real, this could address the issue.

    Of course it may also be the case that we are all so used to the slower farme rate with lower def picture quality on the big screen and seeing both plus 3D is a shock to the system. Add to that the clips being unfinished and it is easy to see why some found it a strange viewing experience. 

    No matter what, Sir Peter is a vert smart man and will no doubt have this all sorted out very soon.

    So if the lighting/contrast was off thats because it was unfinished material which can be altered – no problem.

    If the resolution was too high this can also be addressed and the same with the frame rates.

    SpiderMan is also being shot this way and many lessons maybe learned from that movie and others before The Hobbit comes out so don’t panic! 

  9. Batmccoy says:

    Most sites are publishing their review of the footage in an article, not buried in a forum or talkback event (if that’s what torn tues is). Yes, I went to other sites to read their articles. In fact, I found a couple of sites that have lots of Lord of the Rings news. 

    The reviews were candid which, as I think about it, probably wouldn’t happen on this site.

  10. Alan Dahl says:

    Glad to see that the trolls will get some dialogue.

  11. Predictivescript says:

    When are you guys going to post a scene breakdown?

  12. Debba Sniderman says:

    The CinemaCon Hobbit footage recap by Quickbeam was very much appreciated, and of course, fascinating. Really stoked my curiosity about a number of things, chiefly…how will the first movie end, what’s the cutoff? From the movie trailer, it appeared it might end with Riddles in the Dark, but considering what was revealed in the new Hobbit movie footage, I have to wonder if it doesn’t break much later in the story, well after their escape from Mirkwood?  If so though, how much of the story can fill film #2? Ah well, Jackson hasn’t let us down yet, so prolly shouldn’t worry too much. The great deal of time spent on Radagast’s “bunny sled” was too funny and bizarre!  But what really made me laugh, and was strangely comforting, was hearing that the three trolls that waylay Bilbo and the Dwarves will have dialogue AND speak with Cockney accents, just like in the book!  I don’t know why, but that seemed awfully important to me. Thanks again for everyone’s continued efforts to keep all us fans informed.  Really do appreciate it all!

  13. mickHsky says:

    Two whole days later and no scene by scene analysis yet?

  14. beowolf1 says:

    Don’t forget this was a rough cut, the material had not been finished, colour correction and effects had not been applied. Seeing rough normal resolution /frame rate material does look ‘cheap’ often but once the colour correction and  visual effects have been done with sound effects and music it will be very different I am sure.

  15. beowolf1 says:

    All the review I read said the content of the scenes was superb, Martin Freeman was praised as Bilbo. The problem seems to be the look of the film and as it was rough cut footage nothing to panic about with months to go. Previous Red camera films have been in 24fps with up to 4k resolution. The trailer had the feel of LOTR and I am sure Sir Peter will want to keep that feel but enhance it. All the reviews I read also mention how good the 3D was.
    Red Digital show reel at 720p
    This is supposedly 48fps video at 1080p (the Hobbit will have 5 times the resolution), Iam not sure if this is true 48fps for the whole video or only slow mo shots- still looks pretty good. 

  16. You can see the trolls if you freeze frame the trailer.

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