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Smaug the Golden?

March 31, 2012 at 9:41 am by Earl  - 

Remember The Hobbit production vlog #2 that came out back in July 2011?

Well, we’ve watched it again (and recommend you do too), especially the bit between 2:05 and 2:25, where it isn’t hard to spot Peter Jackson and his crew wearing a “200 Days To Go” sweatshirt. What is hard to spot though is the logo on the front of that sweatshirt… until now.

Our Dwarves at TORn who spend their time mining the interwebs for gems of information came across an image of the hoodie that reveals the logo is none other than Smaug the Golden.

Our staffers then got down to discussing it, and some said Yes, and some said No. Some said it couldn’t be the real design for Smaug, and some said it only offered clues to what the real Smaug will look like. One staffer called Greendragon was (aptly!) drawn to this image more than the others and said it looked very much like “a John Howe Smaug“. Finally, the end of it was to put the image out for your consideration and see what you thought of it.

So, what do you think? Real or not? Mildly interesting or surprisingly faithful? Sound off on our message boards.

Posted in Characters, Crew News, Director news, Hobbit Movie, John Howe, Peter Jackson, Production, The Hobbit on March 31, 2012 by
Thranduil Statue

10 responses to “Smaug the Golden?”

  1. It does look like John Howe’s concept art which he drew quite long ago for “The Hobbit” book. I don’t think that it could be Smaug from the film.

  2. Isimmons33 says:

    Well, from my childhood, Smaug was red and had a hairy back.
    Just as long as he doesn’t  look silly faced like Draco in “Dragon Heart”, it wouldn’t be a big deal if he is redish gold. I mean, the only point of reference I have is animated so he’s definitely going to look different.

  3. DouglasLucchetti says:

    I always thought of Smaug as a metaphore for the world’s banking system.

  4. Smaug the Golden…something to do with the treasure hoard that he’s sleeping upon? Maybe its an image of the treasure reflecting off his scales? I always pictured him as a red dragon so maybe its meant to reflect the treasure that he has been lying on for centuries…that’s just my thoughts! I think the Smaug in the film will totally blow us away, and maybe this is just an illustration of him that it’ll be based on.

  5. Pete_Ritzert says:

    I agree with Greendragon that the image on the hoodie looks very John Howe-ish. I doubt that this is much of an indication of how Smaug will look in the film(s), though. PJ & company aren’t *that* careless about keeping their secrets. Remember the blurred-out images on the wall in at least one of the vlogs?

    Here’s another one of John Howe’s paintings of Smaug.

  6. Leif Hammer says:

    I approve, but hope he’s red in the film of course, but we have to bare in mind that he is covered with diamonds, jewels and other precious metals.

  7. Chachistalker says:

    I would love a shirt with that logo on it!

  8. Peter Nicholls says:

    The logo is clearest at 2:29 to 2:31 in vlog #2.

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